Servo Bag Packers
FA 446
Typical Applications: Sugar & Salt, Gipsum & Mortar, Pet Food & Cat Litter, Charcoal
Output: 40 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: 44 liters max.

FA 446 - Optimum Flexibility

FAWEMA's new machine generation FA 446 has been developed on the basis of know-how acquired in more than 40 years of experience. To improve flexibility and increase output performance, all important motion sequences have been converted to servo-drives.
The transport track is permanently fixed at low-level height, while filling station and pre-folding are vertically adjustable. This results in a straightforward machine construction and makes the track more resistant to the strains of product vibration.
FA 446 Charcoal

Outstanding Features

High flexibility owing to:
  • a low number of format parts
  • format positions largely adjustable by servo-motors
  • ease of use and user-friendly programming
  • large range of application in terms of products and packaging materials
  • availability of a special machine version for plastic
Universal application capabilities owing to:
  • combination with various types of fillers, such as net weighers, volumetric cup fillers and auger fillers
  • different types of bag closure provided by downstream closing units, such as stitching, sealing or folding
Optimum bags owing to:
  • highly efficient product settling by means of a vibration track with adjustable frequency and amplitude
  • precise, servo-controlled pre-folding
  • defined shaping in the transport system
  • efficient evacuation of air during pre-folding

FA 446 Specification

Weight Range:

2 to 25 kg


up to 40 bags per minute

Bag Sizes:

140 x 80 x 350 mm min.
380 x 170 x 800 mm max.

Typical Aplications:

dry, free-flowing products in
powder, granular or piece form

Typical Examples:

cat litter, pet food, sugar, building powders
  • pre-made bags
  • block-bottom bags or side-gusseted bags
  • laminates or mono material
  • single or multi-ply paper bags
  • low thickness materials
  • with or without handle
  • all types of closure