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Packaging Machine

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FAWEMA, a company of bright ideas and tireless innovation, has been listening to the market and indeed the Milling community, about what is wanted from a packer of the future. FAWEMA already had a great base to work with, with its FA217 model, offering a robust high-speed machine, with its Ultra-hygienic design and quick changeover times. The conversation however, is moving on and FAWEMA is again leading the way with its latest incarnation of the FA217 small retail packer (1lb to 10lbs).

In the Western World Traditional Wheat and Whole Wheat flours have been packed into pre-made or Roll stock paper bags. For Milling companies, it was always about Volumes and how they could increase these whilst still making a profit. Now Companies are looking to utilise every part of the process and are hoping to offer a large variety of premium products. The public are expecting more and more of the Milling industry, looking now at Organic flours, specialty flours and cake mixes to add into their diets and shopping karts every week. With new products comes the public’s desire to see new packaging and this is also true of the marketing teams at the companies, so they can show off their premium products on the supermarket shelves. Many people in the Industry now see this as a great chance to delve into Value Added Products but not at the expense of new machinery to do so. So, what is needed from a packer going forward? A machine that can be flexible and forgiving, to the ever-changing requests asked of it in the future.

FAWEMA has looked at this problem and now brings forward solutions. Whilst, retaining the FA217 design, a work horse of a machine, which is capable of running 3 shifts daily, we are now able to retrofit Value Added Modules. These are Modules that can be retro fitted to any existing FA217, in turn 'Future Proofing' the machine for the customer, against packaging changes that can or cannot be foreseen. A heat sealing unit can now be retrofitted for the sealing of pre-made paper bags with reactivated glue, allowing for a dust-tight seal to be achieved. A plastic bag magazine can also be fitted, to allow the running of premade plastic bags, giving packers the ability to pack Value Added Products as well as traditional flour. Plastic bags have been seen as the bag of choice when it comes to packing Value Added Products, with resealable closures and a large variety of digital prints available that paper bags cannot offer at this time.  

FAWEMA also retains the ability to integrate a Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine into the FA217, allowing the customer to use plastic film as a preferred packing material. Format changes, for example from 5lb to 10lbs, are now down to 45 minutes, thanks to the utilization of servo motors throughout the machine. There are 12 change parts in the settling station that need changing and these have been upgraded to easy open bolts. Furthermore, enough room has been given to allow the operator to get in, clean and change the parts without hassle. The FAWEMAs FA217 design of chambers for settling mean the machine is very forgiving on bags, and promotional weights requested from the supermarket can be easily provided for.

The world is demanding and FAWEMA is providing. Milling companies are already looking at Value Added Products as a way of diversifying their businesses within a familiar market and need to be looking at how these Products can be successfully marketed and sold, whilst keeping costs in mind. The FAWEMA FA217 is the only machine to provide both the traditional packing process and the ability to pack a wide range of Value Added Products, ensuring our customers are ready for anything the future might hold.   


FAWEMA office opens in Kenya

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FAWEMA LTD opened its doors for business in Nairobi, Kenya recently. Situated just off Enterprise Road, close to the Mombasa road in the heart of Nairobi´s industrial district, the new office is now fully staffed with 2 full time engineers and office administration staff. These new members of the FAWEMA team along with After-Sales Service Manager Norbert Wessollek have worked diligently to get the office up and running as soon as possible. The first shipment of spare parts arrived from Germany last month and now a fully-functioning parts storage facility is available to support customers by reducing time on spare parts orders and service.

The ever-growing demand in East Africa for high quality German-made packaging machinery, comes with an expectation that technical support must immediately be locally available to carry out routine work if and when necessary. FAWEMA has committed to its customer base in East Africa providing the service and care required from a supplier, to run a functioning business at the heart of this rapidly expanding part of the continent. From the team at Fawema HQ in Germany we wish our new colleagues in Nairobi every success and we know they will do a fantastic job in keeping with the traditions of FAWEMA.

Alliance House 
Road C, 3rd right  (off Enterprise Road)
Industrial Area
P.O. Box 2087-00608
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 790 633802


KOIN 6 News visited Bob



KOIN 6 News visited Bob's Red Mill at their plant in Milwaukie, Oregon. On show is FAWEMAs latestline for both premadepaper and plastic bags, packing in Bob's good old Whole grain flour. Check out the link to see what Bob thinks and get a really good look

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KOIN 6 News visited Bob's Red Mill at their plant in Milwaukie, Oregon. On show is FAWEMAs latest line for both premade paper and plastic bags, packing in Bob's good old Whole grain flour. Check out the link to see what Bob thinks and get a really good look at what a FAWEMA packer can do for your business.



FAWEMA expansion project


FAWEMA GmbH have begun a large expansion project at their Manufacturing Plant in Engelskirchen Germany. Work began at the end of 2017 and has great progress has been made. The new works include new offices and meeting rooms fit for working in a fast moving digital world.

This expansion work is needed

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FAWEMA GmbH have begun a large expansion project at their Manufacturing Plant in Engelskirchen Germany. Work began at the end of 2017 and has great progress has been made. The new works include new offices and meeting rooms fit for working in a fast moving digital world.
This expansion work is needed due to the rising demand for high quality German made packaging machinery. We hope to have the works completed in 2018 and will keep everyone posted on the progress.
Exciting times ahead for a healthy growing business.


New FAWEMA technology for 100% dust-tight & leak-proof paper bag packaging

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Thanks to in-depth studies together with strategic industry partners, FAWEMA is proud to present to the market our new system for dust-tight and leak-proof paper bags to be packed on FAWEMA equipment. This innovative new system can be included as standard on new FAWEMA equipment or it can be retrofitted to older FAWEMA machinery already installed and working on-site.
Furthermore, due to the fact that the system is universal, it means that local paper bag suppliers, in all parts of the globe, are able to furnish the bags without any problem and at very little cost difference compared to a regular SOS paper bag.
After lengthy tests at the FAWEMA HQ in Germany we can guarantee that the new system works perfectly on FAWEMA packing machinery and causes absolutely no reduction in machine speed.
The results have been outstandingly positive:
    •    Totally leak-proof finished packs.
    •    No risk of tampering or introduction of foreign bodies into the packs.
    •    Hygienic and approved for use when packing human food-stuffs.
    •    Overall cleaner supply chain from packer to supermarket shelf.
The perfect FAWEMA solution for cost-effective, dust-free and leak-proof packaging of all your products.


FAWEMA at IAOM MEA 2017, Dubai

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IAOM MEA 2017 – The products and the people
by Zasha Whiteway-Wilkinson, Milling and Grain


In 1896, The International Association of Operative Millers was founded. It is an organisation comprised of flour millers, cereal grain and seed processors and allied trades representatives and companies all devoted to the technological advancement of all of these sectors, all over the word. IAOM has 16 districts around the globe, thus providing an international forum for networking,enabling the exchange of ideas, technical and educational opportunities, as well as the discovery of new products and services. IAOM MEA equally has a lengthy history within the industry, with the first meeting taking place in March 1989. This meeting was attended by 15 millers, five mill manufacturing company representatives and four guest speakers, incredible really when you think what the event has become today. The attendee countries came from Bahrain, Syria, Kenya, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey and the UAE. 


A follow up
In the last edition of Milling and Grain, Tom Blacker gave an overview of the whole event from where he was on the ground deep in the action of the conference. He gave a brief overview of some of the incredible, innovative products that were on display there saying that, 'Special products were being exhibited for the first time. Stif exhibited the NovaPorte® product for dust proof inspection doors. Fawema introduced the innovation with a fine inner layer of the USA’s FDA-approved to all regulations of glue to seal 0.5kg to 5kg bags. The glue can be hermetically heat sealed, with the advantages of tamper-proof and dust-proof.’ He also described that, ‚Henry Simon had both a roller mill and colour sorter machine. Sangati Berga exhibited plastic sieve frames, which are stackable to be totally flush, which improves food safety and prevention of dust.’ Before finishing off by divulging that, ‚I-Grain were proud to be introducing the Toxi-Scrub® which provides the efficient removal of mycotoxins and fumonisins from raw materials such as grains and nuts. Many exhibitors brought fully operational products to show to delegates, which allowed for the tactile hardware to be examined and inspected. A symbol of the strength of any exhibition is the technology and it can be reported that this year the technology was at a very high standard.’ This issue we’re going to follow Tom’s product overview with a few first hand views and accounts of some of these products from the very people there, proudly presenting them. You can also see our interview this month is with Dr Ali El-Sayed Ali Al-Moselhi, who is the Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade. This provoking and in-depth interview is a real pleasure to bring to you, especially with our current focuses on IAOM MEA and for our final edition of 2017.  


Mark Wild is Sales Manager for Fawema GmbH, an international market leader in the design and manufacture of automated packing equipment for handling ready-made sos paper bags, open mouth industrial sacks and form, fill and seal plastic bags made from reel-stock. Having held this position for 5 years, and after nearly three decades in the industry in full, he spoke to Milling and Grain about Fawema´s latest innovation for the flour milling industry. 

It’s very simple, but very effective 

Mark Edward Wild, Sales Manager, Fawema It’s a very simple but very effective new innovation in our industry. It consists of a regular paper bag, but now this regular paper bag has a very fine inner layer of dried glue on the top part, which is food approved for use universally throughout the globe. This glue has been approved now by the FDA, a universal standard that covers pretty much every place in the world. It can be done on a range of bag sizes from half a kilo, typically to five kilogrammes, which is what we call our retail range of bag sizes. This means that now on our packaging machine, we can seal the bag completely. So we’ll first heat seal the bag to render it hermetically sealed, then we’ll fold the bag, apply another layer of glue and then fold again to make the final brick pack. The final package looks exactly like the traditional package, which is already on the market, but the difference is this one is totally dust tight, leak proof and tamper proof. The industry has been looking for this for a long time. That’s driven mainly by the supermarkets, who are insisting that they don’t want dusty floors or dusty shelves; they want clean floors and clean supermarkets. The key factor in this smart new innovation is that it´s extremely cost-effective from the millers point of view. Fawema can install the new sealing module inside the packing machine either as a new item or as a retrofit and, BINGO... the job´s done! As always it’s a pleasure to be at the IAOM MEA; Dubai’s a nice place; the exhibition is always a successful event for Fawema. We meet friends, we meet new people, new potential customers. It’s always a good event for us and we shall continue to participate and support the event in the future.

Thank you for visiting us!


FAWEMA at ALIM 2017, Colombia


Gracias por tu visita. Estuvimos muy felices.
Thank you for visiting us.
Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut.

A synergy of expertise for better feed

by Tom Blacker, International Aquafeed
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The JBL story started in 1960 with a small specialist pet shop in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which Joachim Böhme, a trained chemist, beetle expert and aquarium enthusiast opened. This turned his hobby into a profession. When diseases in ornamental fish became a problem in the early days of fish keeping, he developed a remedy named Punktol for 'white spot disease' (Ichtyo). It can still be purchased to this day.
To bring this remedy to market, he needed a brand name, which he created from his own initials JB, and the 'L' of his location at the time, Ludwigshafen.
After the launch of the JBL brand, the JBL company (based in Neuhofen/Pfalz since 1984) - rapidly developed to become one of the biggest full range suppliers for aquarium, terrarium and garden pond products in Germany. 180 employees work on the company site of about 2.5 ha. Today JBL supplies 60 countries worldwide with a range of over 1000 products and over 300 spare parts covering all apects of aquarium and pond fish keeping.
I visited their premises in Neuhofen along with our Chinese milling expert partner, Dr Wenbin Wu and a contingent from London and South East Milling Society (LSEMS), to take a look at the Pro Pond feed range (just one of a plethora of specialist feed products that the company produces).
Current Head of Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Management at JBL, Michael Donner led the group through a presentation and factory tour. Michael is a fisheries biologist and expert in fish nutrition and fish health, having received his education at Ifm-Geomar Kiel and University Konstanz.
His role in the R&D department is of huge importance to JBL because of the need for continous product innovation in the competitive ornamental fish market.

Company ethos
On the JBL website, the General Manager of JBL, Roland Böhme, says, ‚We follow the commitment of my father, who founded the company 50 years ago. He loved animals of all kinds and made it a central issue to create products that would optimise the keeping of animals, and thus stop their removal from the wild. I am happy to continue this aim!’
The fishmeal that is an ingredient in the feed is from certified and sustainably farmed aquaculture facilites located in northern France. This gives sustainable and high-quality fish protein at the correct scale for JBL, which also promotes protection of the environment with no wild fish necessary. The offcuts from human fish fillet production are used, so co-products of aquaculture are an important raw material.
Another raw material is wheat, sourced only from local farms. Continuing the theme, JBL’s building itself was adorned in many solar panels that generate electricity for its own power; impressively displayed on a live board above the main door.
Michael showed us around the main halls on site with a close view of the Pro Pond range with Neo Index®. This range is available in several different protein to fat ratios to allow targeted nutrition depending on the time of year (or water temperature) with versions of Pond Pro feed available for spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are also specialised versions formulated to boost growth or colour as well as diets optimised for specific species requirements.
JBL is a company with a strong set of values. These values extend to the full quality control examination of the feed ingredients, along with the controlled cultivation, freshness and pollution control in Pro Pond products.

Customer support
The packaging for the Pro Pond range provides a link to JBL's online portal ‘MyJBL’ . A gateway to JBL’s expert team for advice regarding their products, along with a blog and more information about the companies activities.
Additionally, there is an annual JBL fan meeting, catalogues, newsletters, guide booklets and community calendar for adding value far beyond their core products to their customers.

Fawema and JBL share a passion for innovative technology to assist their industrial customers, which is a perfect synergy. This is a true complementary relationship between Fawema and JBL that provides excellent value and benefits on many fronts: feed safety, efficiency and professionalism of commercial feed to the ornamental fish and aquarium sectors.


European quality standards in the heart of Africa

Milling and Grain Magazine
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Mark Wild, Sales Manager at Fawema, talks to Milling and Grain about a project in Kenya, that aims to have exactly the same high standards of efficiency, safety, hygiene, food-quality and equipment automation, as any mill in Europe or beyond.

Picture this: Night has fallen in the port city of Mombasa, Kenya. The crickets are chirping in the acacia trees, the heady perfume of exotic foods being cooked over open fires fills the hot, humid, East African air, the chaotic daytime traffic has finally subsided and peace gradually descends on the dusty city.
Suddenly the silence is broken by the shrill sound of a car horn. A taxi has pulled up at an anonymous gate on an equally nondescript plot of land close to the harbour, and a suspicious night watchman tentatively opens the gate to enquire who on earth is asking permission to enter at this late hour.
Access is granted and the taxi slowly drives in. The plot is shrouded in almost total darkness, the long grass wildly overgrown and the sounds of nocturnal animals and grass snakes scattering in panic to avoid the approaching vehicle can be heard all around. A dim light powered by a small, spluttering generator shines out from a portacabin office which is nestled in the furthest corner of the overgrown field and inside, busily working at a laptop computer, sits a man who is about to enlighten me with a truly fantastic vision.
The person in question is Munir Thabit, 54 years of age and a native son of Mombasa. As I take my seat at the desk, Munir looks me straight in the eye and confidently announces that what is about to commence the very next day on that desolate and weed-ridden parcel of land, would eventually result in a flour mill, here in the heart of Africa, that would have exactly the same high standards of efficiency, safety, hygiene, food-quality and equipment automation, as any mill in Europe or beyond.
I let Munir´s words sink in for a few moments while I gaze out from the office window into the darkness of the Mombasa night. Something suddenly clicks in my head: the sheer determination and conviction in Munir´s voice tells me that he´s the real deal. I turn towards him and say, …… 'tell me more'.
That first memorable, and almost surreal meeting, provided the foundation for what has developed into a solid and successful working relationship and today, in August 2017, Grain Industries Limited is up and running and producing top quality wheat flour, much of which is then packed into retail paper bag sizes of 500 grammes, one kilogramme and two kilogrammes, on state-ofthe-art Fawema servo-drive packing machines. The new mill dominates the skyline and is both imposing and majestic. Munir´s vision has come to life. Grain Industries Limited made the decision from the outset to select premium quality in each and every aspect of the new business. The main contractor was GERICO of France and the
milling equipment selected was from Buhler of Switzerland. With a daily capacity of 750 metric tonnes per day, the plan was to pack 550 tonnes of home baking flour per day into retail sizes and Fawema of Germany was chosen to supply the packing machines for the small, retail packs.
Munir explained, 'We had a very clear vision for this project. We wanted to create a mill, which was on a par, if not better, in terms of quality, efficiency and safety with any plant either in Europe or elsewhere. To achieve this, we knew that we had to select the right partners and because the majority of the flour would be destined for the retail market, we absolutely had to ensure that our packaging section was equipped with the finest machinery that money could buy. The decision to choose Fawema was an easy one. They have supplied flour-packing lines to almost all of the mills in East Africa and have decades of experience in the field of flour packing.
Furthermore, they recently established a branch office in Nairobi with service personnel who are Fawema-trained in Germany'.
The Fawema packing lines installed are of the latest generation type FA217 which function using servo-drive technology. They are efficient, easy to operate, require very little maintenance and they are able to deliver the high output targets required on a daily basis on a three shift continual schedule. Each of the lines (there are 5 in total) is fitted with a check-weighing device. This ensures that if there is any change in product density which subsequently might affect weight accuracy, the device will automatically detect the erroneous weight, reject the bag from the system if it falls outside of legal weight limits and at the same time automatically adjust the filler on the packing machine to guarantee correct weights on the next bags being packed.
At the end of each packing line there is a 'baling station' where the individual bags are automatically grouped into bales of either 24 kg or 12 kg, before being inserted into protective outer paper sacks.
Finally, the bales are loaded onto a conveyor system that takes them either directly to the truck-loading bays or to a specially designed pallet-rack warehouse for storage.
The all-purpose flour being produced is of excellent quality and perfect for making chapati flat breads, pancakes, scones, mandazi´s and mahamris and is distributed and sold under the brand name of 'AJAB' – a name which has strong consumer appeal in both the Swahili and Arabic languages. The retail products are all packed into highly attractive paper bags, which are user-friendly andenvironment-friendly.
Delighted with the results Munir Thabit, CEO, continues, 'The completed project has been a huge success, it´s tangible proof that quality suppliers deliverquality results and the return on investment is actually much faster because there are no unforeseen elements to be accounted for.
We did everything by the book and didn´t want to cut corners. Bysending our key personnel to Fawema in Germany for exampleto gain deeper knowledge about the packing machines, not only were we assured that once the equipment was installed on-site, any potential questions had already been addressed and answered in Germany, but we also developed new ideas through being there in the Fawema factory and interacting with various engineeringand technical staff. These new ideas we´ve now implemented and our overall packaging objectives have subsequently benefitted. It´s been rather a long journey from start to finish but today as I sit in my office and gaze out over the new complex which stands on that once dusty and neglected plot of land, I truly have a great sense of satisfaction that the job has been done well. We are serving our people with quality food products packed efficiently and hygienically and we are immensely proud of it.'
Fawema wishes to thank Mr Munir Thabit CEO Grain Industries Limited for his contribution.


Nick Petzold retires from the packaging sector


For nearly 50 years, Nick Petzoldowned Petzold & Company.
Delivering over 250 machines to the UK, Nick established a reputation for being a reliable supplier of costeffective packaging, machines and design.

Fluent in German, Nick worked with FAWEMA and HDG closely. Upon leaving during the summer, FAWE

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For nearly 50 years, Nick Petzoldowned Petzold & Company.
Delivering over 250 machines to the UK, Nick established a reputation for being a reliable supplier of costeffective packaging, machines and design.

Fluent in German, Nick worked with FAWEMA and HDG closely. Upon leaving during the summer, FAWEMA presented Nick with a very special packaging machine plaque of his own; Type: Nick Petzold, Order No.: Agent No.1, Serial No.: 007, Power: 110% and Year 1946.
Having qualified in 1969, family business connections in Germany, gave the 23 year old Nick Petzold the opportunity for work experience in FAWEMA's factory. Because he spoke English and owned a suit, they asked him to attend the FAWEMA stand at Interpack in Düsseldorf that year. (He has attended every Interpack since).
FAWEMA were showing an innovative end of line machine for collating and packing retail flour bags and by a combination of embryonic salesmanship and a large amount of luck, he took an order at the exhibition for one of these machines for Spillers Homepride flour in the UK.
This machine was delivered four weeks later and resulted in a quick follow up order for a further twelve from the same customer. Fawema responded by asking Petzold to establish exclusive representation of their interests in the UK. What followed was 48 years of a highly successful partnership.
During the 1960s and 1970s the UK weight control requirements for retail products were considerably more stringent in the UK than on the Continent so Nick forged a relationship between FAWEMA and British technology company Autopack in Malvern, Worcestershire who would provide FAWEMA with pioneering weight control equipment for the decades that followed.
This partnership enabled Petzold & Company to install weightcompliant flour packaging machines throughout the UK taking over 90 percent of the market. In the following years, the business continued to widen its markets, into pet food, chemicals, tea, cat litter, in fact all dry powder and piece products fell prey to Petzold and Fawema!
To date, over 250 FAWEMA machines have been delivered through Petzold & Company to the UK alone. Nick was also asked to contribute his experience to contracts abroad including, literally billions of glassine envelopes for After Eight mints every year and the development of the innovative packaging for Hovis 'Crusty' loaves that at the time restored Hovis to brand lead. Packaging awards followed from the Institute of Packaging, Food Processing and more recently, Nick was a asked to contribute with his knowledge of packaging machinery to the Nabim remote learning training documentation in 2016.
The core principle of Nick's MO from the beginning has always been: Make your customer look good by justifying his decision to buy from you. If his decision to do business with Petzold enhances his profile within his company, the goal has been achieved and will frequently lead to lucrative repeat business.
It seems to have worked!

Thank you and farewell Nick Petzold.

(The Global Miller, October 2017)


Technology for the 21st Century


With ever increasing and changing packaging requirements, demanded by both retailers and end consumers, it has become increasingly difficult for companies that pack to find a lasting solution. Flexibility is therefore the answer to be able to keep pace with this surging demand, and deliver products

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With ever increasing and changing packaging requirements, demanded by both retailers and end consumers, it has become increasingly difficult for companies that pack to find a lasting solution. Flexibility is therefore the answer to be able to keep pace with this surging demand, and deliver products in both paper and plastic, also giving the user the ability to close these packs in a number of different styles.

The FA 217, high speed packing line incorporates the latest in ergonomic design, and combines this with the traditionally proven packaging process. Built with the future in mind, the FA 217 is a multi-functional platform, capable of packaging in a wide range of processes and delivering, diverse and shelf-ready products. 

It can do this by incorporating inline, bag forming, filling and sealing technology or with a range of pre-made bag delivery magazines and various closing heads. Its servo-driven technology allows for quick size changeovers meaning that downtime can be kept to a minimum. The machine can be used for the packaging of any powdered of granulated product up to a weight of 5kgs, perfect for the retail packaging market.

For more information about how this machine can help you achieve better results and a more competitive edge, contact FAWEMA today.

FAWEMA is now on Linkedin and can be found under the name FAWEMA GmbH. Be sure to follow us for more News, Articles and places to come and speak with a Sales Representative.


Education is the Key to Success

July 2017
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At FAWEMA, the philosophy has always been one of sharing know-how and providing education wherever possible.

As a packing machine manufacturer, we are fully aware that our ethical responsibility doesn´t end with the supply of the new machine:  the relationship we build with our valued clients goes much deeper than a simple 'Supplier – Buyer'  agreement and when we do business, we ensure that the customer receives the full package including full training for their personnel together with the finest packing machinery available on the market. 

In markets such as Africa, education and knowledge is a precious commodity and we at Fawema are proud and honoured to share our experience, knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.


June 2017

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Summer has well and truly arrived in Germany, with temperatures feeling more in line with the Caribbean. The Summer is not the only thing we have to give a big warm welcome to, as in the past month we have added to our esteemed and very talented team of Engineers, with 5 more coming on board to help us increase the capacity and try to reach new machine delivery targets. Extra capacity for our rapidly growing After Service Team can now be realised with these new additions and we would like to wish everyone of them the best of luck and look forward to working with you.

This month will see the London and South East Milling Society join us at FAWEMA, for their Summer Technical Conference. The programme will include a tour of FAWEMA and our Sister company HDG, to look at the latest innovations coming from both companies. A presentation and talk by Bühler about the technologies of tomorrow will be provided, as well as visits to flour and feed milling plants. If you would like to join us in Germany with either a company or association we would be happy to hear from you and work together to create an informative programme. 

A look forward to the Months ahead and we will see some very exciting news coming from FAWEMA in Africa, with an announcement on new developments coming in due course. FAWEMA will be delivering and commissioning its FA 217 machine, which was on show at the Interpack Exhibition. The machine is capable of packing and heat sealing both plastic and paper premade bags, allowing us to deliver a dust free solution. 

If you would like to know more about FAWEMA and what we can do for you, get in contact with us today and explore the solution we can bring to you.   


Thank you for visiting us
at interpack 2017

May 2017
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A huge DANKESCHÖN to the 548 visitors who took the time to visit the FAWEMA stand at the recent interpack show in Duesseldorf. It was both a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you on the stand where we had the opportunity of seeing old friends and clients and also meeting new contacts and acquaintances from 44 different countries to talk about new packaging projects where Fawema equipment is under careful consideration.

The 'star of the show' was FAWEMA's new multi-purpose machine which works with both ready-made paper bags as well as ready-made plastic bags thus allowing the user maximum versatility when packing different products with different marketing targets. 

We hope that you enjoyed the superb conversation and in-depth discussions as much as we did and we look forward to developing your projects together with you as a team.

If you missed the opportunity to come and speak with us at the show, don't worry. Contact us today to speak about your project and how we can deliver a workable solution to you for your specific packaging needs. 


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