Servo Bag Packers
FA 235
Typical Applications: Flour & Rolled Oats, Sugar & Salt, Icing Sugar, Gipsum & Mortar
Output: 35 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: liters max.

The FAWEMA FA 235 series has been designed to create brick-type, well de-aerated bags in the 5 kg to 15 kg weight range, at high output rates. The packer processes pre-made bags from a magazine, typically single-ply or multiply block-bottom bags. With optional equipment it can also take open-mouth gusseted bags with stitched bottom or rolled bottom as well as multi-ply pinch-bottom and pinch top bags from the magazine, open and fill them in one to three stations.

FA 235
FA 235
FA 235
FA 235

The Benefits

  • Rapid and simple format changeovers.
  • Improved product settling resulting in very compact final bags.
  • Easy access to all areas of the machine.
  • Improved internal dust aspiration ducting resulting in a clean and hygienic machine.
  • Wide range of bagging options.
  • Simple integration of any desired additional equipment, check weighers, trend control, rejecter and more.
  • Designed and built to alleviate stress and reduce wearing parts.
  • Hygienic and perfect for all food stuffs thanks to no oil bath.

FA 235 Specification

Weight Range:

5 to 15 kg


up to 35 bags per minute

Bag Sizes:

170 x 80 x 350 mm min.
270 x 180 x 700 mm max.

Typical Aplications:

Dry free flowing powders and granulated products
Bag Loading:
Magazine delivery system

Packaging Materials:
Single or multi-ply Paper bags

Auger filler, chamber filler, net weighers

Runs as:
Servo-drive, Cam-driven (FA 325)

Top-up systems, Metal detector,  Check weigh system