Packers with Cam Drive
FA 25
Typical Applications: Flour & Rolled Oats, Sugar & Salt, Icing Sugar, Cereals & Pasta, Tea, Chemical Products
Output: 55 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: 4.4 liters max.

FA 25 - Two well proven machine designs into one packaging machine

The FA 25 has been designed to allow the packaging of difficult-to-handle dry bulk products into rectangular bags made from rollstock material by an integral bag maker. To make this unique machine concept possible, FAWEMA has merged two well proven machine designs into one packaging machine. The first machine component is the bag maker which has been derived from FAWEMA’s Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) equipment; the second component is a horizontal bag filling and closing machine that has established FAWEMA’s reputation as a market leader for bag packaging in the flour and many other industries.
FA 25
FA 25
FA 25

Outstanding Features

  • Fully integrated bag maker makes bags from preprinted rollstock material, allowing cost savings compared with pre-made block-bottom paper bags
  • The bottom of the made bag is shaped to be flat and rectangular. This is a key requirement to create upright standing bags.
  • Once transferred into the chamber transport system, the rectangular bag shape is defined at all times by the side walls of the chamber system.
  • The bag forming tube of the bag maker can be used to fill the bag either completely or partially, depending on product characteristics and required production speed. If filled partially, a second fill station is used to fill the bag to the required fill level
  • Alternatively, the bags can be filled in separate fill stations. This gives time for the seal seams to cool down prior to the first fill, and allows for higher outputs, increased bag loading and saving of packaging materials.
  • Product is thoroughly densified by vibrating the track under the transport chambers, making the FA 25 the perfect packaging machine even for highly fluidized products.
  • A large number of additional equipment options are available

FA 25 Specification

Weight Range:

0.5 to 3 kg


up to 55 bags per minute

Bag Sizes:

80 x  40 x 120 mm min.
140 x 100 x 400 mm max.

Typical Aplications:

Dry, free-flowing products in powder or granular form

Typical Examples:

Flour, tea, cereals, spices,
pulses, sugar...
  • Heat-sealable Rollstock Material, e.g. paper with laminate, PE film, etc.
  • All commonly used bag closure types can be accommodated. This includes gable and flat top (with single or double fold as required) and with or without internal heat-seal closure.