Packers with Cam Drive
FA 314.3
Typical Applications: Flour & Rolled Oats, Icing Sugar
Output: 110 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: 2.5 liters max.

FA 314.3 - Success through Proven Technology

Bag intake section
Filling Station
Closing Unit

Outstanding Features

High Flexibility due to:
  • option to convert to different format sizes
  • various output steps
  • comprehensive range of application for products and packaging materials
Universal Applications by:
  • use of different types of filler such as weighers, volumetric fillers and auger fillers
  • choice of different types of closure such as upright or flat closure using hot-melt, hot-air, heat sealing, label application or a combination of the above.
  • robust mechanical construction for high output in multishift operation.
First-class Bags due to:
  • effective product densification in the FAWEMA chamber transport system over a long vibration track which is adjustable in frequency and amplitude
  • precise pre-folding and integrated folding station
  • effective de-aeration during pre-folding
  • defined shaping in the FAWEMA chamber transport system

FA 314.3 Specification

Weight Range:

0.5 to 2 kg


up to 110 bags per minute

Bag Sizes:

75 x 45 x 110 mm min.
140 x 90 x 360 mm max.

Typical Aplications:

Dry, free-flowing products in powder or granular form

Typical Examples:

flour, tea, flakes, spices, pulses, sugar, salt …
  • pre-made bags
  • block-bottom bags, folded-bottom bags or side-gusseted bags
  • laminates or mono-material
  • single- or multi-ply bags
  • low material strengths
  • all types of closure