Packers with Cam Drive
FA 40
Typical Applications: Sugar & Salt, Pet Food & Cat Litter, Charcoal
Output: 40 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: 28.8 liters max.

FA 40 - Large Format Range – Easy Change-Over

The FA 40 processes pre-made block-bottom paper bags in fixed-cycle operation, but can also be adapted for other suitable bag types, e.g. side-gusseted bags without blockbottom, and different bag materials. The operating speed of the cam-controlled machine is continuously variable. Following product settlement, the bag is presented to the standard pre-folding facility which, depending on filling level and type of bag closure, ensures cam-controlled pre-folding above the filling level. Depending on the requirements, the machine can be equipped with additional features, such as intensified vib ration, additional check weigher system, high-efficiency dust evacuation connections and special features for quicker format change-over.
FA 40
FA 40 Sugar
FA 40
FA 40 Sugar pre-folding

FA 40

Weight Range:

1 to 20 kg


up to 40 bags per minute

Bag Sizes:

130 x  80 x 350 mm min.
300 x 150 x 700 mm max.

Typical Aplications:

powdery, granular or piece products

Typical Examples:

sugar, salt, pet food, cat litter, charcoal
  • pre-made bags
  • block-bottom bags or side-gusseted bags
  • laminates or mono material
  • single or multi-ply paper bags
  • low thickness materials
  • with or without handles
  • all types of closure