Servo Bag Packers
FA 438
Typical Applications: Sugar & Salt, Cereals & Pasta, Pet Food & Cat Litter, Chemical Products
Output: 60 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: 21.0 liters max.

FA 438 – Advance through innovation

40 years of experience and innovative technology are embodied in the FA 438 which provides the ideal solution. The principle of continuous operation is made possible with the help of servo technology. The bags, clamped at the top, are filled through synchronised hoppers. Bag transport is done by bottom and side belts, moving in unison. This mode of operation guarantees precise closure of the packages.
Extended filling time
Bag transfer
Sealing section

Outstanding Features

Optimum bags thanks to:
  • continuous, friction-free transport
  • exact bag shaping with uniform filling level
  • precise bag transfer into the closing section
Rapid format change thanks to:
  • program-controlled changeover within a few minutes
  • no format parts
  • memory for over 100 programs
  • stepless adjustment of all format positions
High performance thanks to:
  • extended filling times
  • individual adjustment of movement sequences

FA 438 Specification

Weight Range:

1 to 6 kg


up to 60 bags per minute, depending on weight, product characteristics and fillers

Bag Sizes:

180 x 70 x 300 mm min.
300 x 160 x 640 mm max.

Typical Aplications:

dry, free-flowing products, granules or pieces

Typical Examples:

pet food, cat litter, sugar, chemical granulates

• pre-made bags or gusseted tube
• block-bottom bags or gusseted bags
• laminate or mono material
• single or multi-ply paper bags
• low thickness materials
• with or without carrier handles
• various closure types like pinch top or top zip and all common re-closure systems
• all styles of packaging can be realized with high-gloss surfaces as well