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With ever increasing and changing packaging requirements, demanded by both retailers and end consumers, it has become increasingly difficult for companies that pack to find a lasting solution. Flexibility is therefore the answer to be able to keep pace with this surging demand, and deliver products

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With ever increasing and changing packaging requirements, demanded by both retailers and end consumers, it has become increasingly difficult for companies that pack to find a lasting solution. Flexibility is therefore the answer to be able to keep pace with this surging demand, and deliver products in both paper and plastic, also giving the user the ability to close these packs in a number of different styles.

The FA 217, high speed packing line incorporates the latest in ergonomic design, and combines this with the traditionally proven packaging process. Built with the future in mind, the FA 217 is a multi-functional platform, capable of packaging in a wide range of processes and delivering, diverse and shelf-ready products. 

It can do this by incorporating inline, bag forming, filling and sealing technology or with a range of pre-made bag delivery magazines and various closing heads. Its servo-driven technology allows for quick size changeovers meaning that downtime can be kept to a minimum. The machine can be used for the packaging of any powdered of granulated product up to a weight of 5kgs, perfect for the retail packaging market.

For more information about how this machine can help you achieve better results and a more competitive edge, contact FAWEMA today.

FAWEMA is now on Linkedin and can be found under the name FAWEMA GmbH. Be sure to follow us for more News, Articles and places to come and speak with a Sales Representative.


Education is the Key to Success

July 2017
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At FAWEMA, the philosophy has always been one of sharing know-how and providing education wherever possible.

As a packing machine manufacturer, we are fully aware that our ethical responsibility doesn´t end with the supply of the new machine:  the relationship we build with our valued clients goes much deeper than a simple 'Supplier – Buyer'  agreement and when we do business, we ensure that the customer receives the full package including full training for their personnel together with the finest packing machinery available on the market. 

In markets such as Africa, education and knowledge is a precious commodity and we at Fawema are proud and honoured to share our experience, knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.


June 2017

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Summer has well and truly arrived in Germany, with temperatures feeling more in line with the Caribbean. The Summer is not the only thing we have to give a big warm welcome to, as in the past month we have added to our esteemed and very talented team of Engineers, with 5 more coming on board to help us increase the capacity and try to reach new machine delivery targets. Extra capacity for our rapidly growing After Service Team can now be realised with these new additions and we would like to wish everyone of them the best of luck and look forward to working with you.

This month will see the London and South East Milling Society join us at FAWEMA, for their Summer Technical Conference. The programme will include a tour of FAWEMA and our Sister company HDG, to look at the latest innovations coming from both companies. A presentation and talk by Bühler about the technologies of tomorrow will be provided, as well as visits to flour and feed milling plants. If you would like to join us in Germany with either a company or association we would be happy to hear from you and work together to create an informative programme. 

A look forward to the Months ahead and we will see some very exciting news coming from FAWEMA in Africa, with an announcement on new developments coming in due course. FAWEMA will be delivering and commissioning its FA 217 machine, which was on show at the Interpack Exhibition. The machine is capable of packing and heat sealing both plastic and paper premade bags, allowing us to deliver a dust free solution. 

If you would like to know more about FAWEMA and what we can do for you, get in contact with us today and explore the solution we can bring to you.   


Thank you for visiting us
at interpack 2017

May 2017
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A huge DANKESCHÖN to the 548 visitors who took the time to visit the FAWEMA stand at the recent interpack show in Duesseldorf. It was both a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you on the stand where we had the opportunity of seeing old friends and clients and also meeting new contacts and acquaintances from 44 different countries to talk about new packaging projects where Fawema equipment is under careful consideration.

The 'star of the show' was FAWEMA's new multi-purpose machine which works with both ready-made paper bags as well as ready-made plastic bags thus allowing the user maximum versatility when packing different products with different marketing targets. 

We hope that you enjoyed the superb conversation and in-depth discussions as much as we did and we look forward to developing your projects together with you as a team.

If you missed the opportunity to come and speak with us at the show, don't worry. Contact us today to speak about your project and how we can deliver a workable solution to you for your specific packaging needs. 




April 2017

We are searching for new partners in several key countries. FAWEMA is a Global company with machines in over 100 countries. We need new representation in France, Poland, Columbia and Peru to push the FAWEMA brand, sell new Machines and be a first contact for spare parts.

If you would like to enquire

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We are searching for new partners in several key countries. FAWEMA is a Global company with machines in over 100 countries. We need new representation in France, Poland, Columbia and Peru to push the FAWEMA brand, sell new Machines and be a first contact for spare parts.

If you would like to enquire and have the relevant experience needed in the packing industry or any industries that we serve then please get in contact with us.


FAWEMA participated at the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF)

April 2017
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FAWEMA participated at the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF) meeting and trade show in the beautiful resort of Belek, Antalya (30th March-2nd April).  Under the welcoming blue skies and warm Spring sunshine, Fawema Sales Manager Mark Wild together with local representative Ilker Cavdar of Ilka Ambalaj, met many Turkish milling professionals and exchanged information and opinions on the trends in the market as well as discussing the new and exciting machine solutions which Fawema has to offer progressive and innovative flour mills. Deals were struck, new friendships made and old friendships reunited and the event was a resounding success and proved to be yet again, the ideal meeting place for industry professionals - both from a suppliers prospective as well as from the millers prospective.
Mark Wild explained; 'the Turkish market for Fawema represents a very important and strategic area for developing new business and introducing our new range of modern, highly-efficient and extremely innovative flour packing machines. We have enjoyed a lot of recent success in Turkey and I´m delighted to see how the Turkish milling fraternity appreciates the high level of quality and professionality that we are able to offer them in terms of our equipment, designed & engineered in Germany and in our local after-sales service centre based in Istanbul which guarantees immediate and efficient service whenever it might be required'.


The Launching of FAWEMA Inc.

April 2017

FAWEMA has been working with partners in North America now for over 30 years, most recently under the name FAWEMA North America. With growing demand for FAWEMA packaging machinery and therefore an increased need for a dedicated, first class, after sales service, we feel that progressive changes are

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FAWEMA has been working with partners in North America now for over 30 years, most recently under the name FAWEMA North America. With growing demand for FAWEMA packaging machinery and therefore an increased need for a dedicated, first class, after sales service, we feel that progressive changes are called for. So, after careful thought and consideration FAWEMA will be restructuring its north American Business bringing everything under the FAWEMA Inc. name.


FAWEMA will be improving its communications channels by setting up a full-time office and staff, including an engineering service, based in the USA for the first time. This build up through 2017 will give customers much needed support and shorten the time in which an engineer can be on site. We hope with a full time FAWEMA staff based in the US, information to and from the factory will be clearer and faster.

For more information about how this new operation will affect your business or if you have an enquiry for a project in the US. Please contact us today.


2017, the year of the Interpack

March 2017
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The flickers of Spring can be seen, as the flowers begin to shoot.
2017, the year of the Interpack, in Düsseldorf, on the 4th of May to the 10th. FAWEMA is gearing up to its Largest exhibition, where we will be Joining hundreds of others from the packaging industry for the world’s largest packaging Exhibition. FAWEMA will be displaying in Hall 6, C31 and will be demonstrating one of its newest lines, in order to give you a closer look at what innovative, reliable, technology can do for your business. Our whole sales team will be on hand to speak with you, to discuss your packaging project and find solutions for your needs.
We welcome everyone from old friends, partners and new faces to come down for chat. Make sure to stop by and let us know what you are up to. Be sure not to miss out, by booking an appointment with us today, so you can get the, one-to-one attention that you need. We will also be supplying the best sandwiches in town and your more than welcome to stop by for a refreshment. Get in contact today and we can help advise you on hotels, places to eat and best transport options. For those that book an appointment, we can deliver a free day ticket allowing you access to the whole show.
Keep up to date with what FAWEMA is doing at the Interpack, by checking out our Exhibitor profile on the Interpack website. We look forward to seeing everyone in Düsseldorf, in May at Interpack 2017. Stay tuned for more News on where we will be exhibiting around the world and the latest developments coming from Germany.


Designed with the future in mind

February 2017
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FAWEMA packaging and bagging machines

by Mark Wild, Sales Manager at Fawema, Germany

With 97 years of history behind them, it would be fair to say that Fawema´s know-how and experience in the field of packaging and bagging is quite unique. But while having a long and rich heritage is of course important, ensuring a consolidated and bright future is even more important and it was with exactly this sentiment in mind that Fawema, located near Cologne in Germany, decided in recent years to dedicate their vast technical capability and resources to developing a new range of automatic packing machines, which is today radically revolutionizing the way in which flours and other powder and granulated products are packed into bags.

Servo-drive transmission
In much the same way in which the automobile industry has utilized servo-drive transmission to guarantee reliability and an easy driving experience into motor vehicles, Fawema has successfully introduced servo-drive technology into the new range of FA217 flour packing machines and the results have been truly incredible.
Thanks to servo-drive, the new Fawema packing machinery offers the user a modern machine, which is extremely reliable, totally hygienic and delivers high capacity performance of up to 110 bags per minute. An intelligent energy recovery system ensures that no power is wasted and thanks to this incorporated recovery system, the complete machine benefits from substantial overall energy savings.
The new range of machines do not require oil sumps, grease or lubrification and with increased dust aspiration ducting it all signifies a machine which is clean, perfectly hygienic and with no risk of contamination. All machine movements are precise and with no mechanical slipping or wear and tear, the results are optimal with vastly reduced costs on parts and service and improved reliability.

Changing trends: Paper and plastic packaging materials
Kraft paper in the form of ready-made, block-bottom bags has long been the preferred packaging material when it comes to retail-size flour packs from 500 grams to 5kg. Used by mills in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia, kraft paper bags lend themselves well to flour packaging for a number of reasons such as competitive cost, easy to source, allow for rapid internal flour settling, easy to store and transport in brick pack form and presents well to the consumer at point of sale. Recently however, a trend in the market towards utilizing plastic packaging material has become evident and Fawema has designed, built, delivered and installed a large number of machines during the last three years for packing flour and flour-based products into retail-size plastic bags.
Plastic packaging materials come in two forms – printed reels or ready-made, block bottom bags and the characteristics, quality and thickness of the plastic vary depending on several factors such as the types of packs to be made i.e. pillow packs or stand-up brick packs, weight of the pack to be made and whether or not secondary or tertiary packaging will be utilised.

Why are some millers changing to plastic bag packaging?
The millers themselves point to three key factors:
1. Plastic material is stronger than paper hence the mills get far fewer claims and returns on damaged or broken bags.
2. The bags are closed by heat seal and then in the case of brick packs the top is folded and held down either by a resealable label or by hot melt glue. This creates a pack that is leak-proof.
3. Glossy printed plastic is an ideal marketing material, which is attractive and appealing to the consumer.
These three points are important although paper producers and paper bag suppliers will argue that there is much more to the debate than just this and that the listed points are general theories rather than specific proven case studies. Quality in both paper and plastic can vary greatly. In the case of SOS kraft paper bags, the structure quality of the bag itself depends on the type of converting machine being employed to make the bag (type of machine, manufacturer of machine, age of the machine, quality of glue used for closing the seams and whether or not the machine is set up perfectly to make consistent quality bags in large volumes).
Another major factor is the paper quality. Important paper suppliers such as Billerudkorsnas from Sweden who supply premium-quality paper to converters who then manufacture the flour bags, will rightly argue that if a good quality paper is deployed and the converter uses the correct paper thickness for the bags, the paper bags will be just as strong as plastic bags. Furthermore, a good quality print is achievable on paper bags comparable with that of plastic if the paper quality used is the right one. The paper suppliers will also highlight the environmental issue when comparing plastic v paper and the simple fact ist hat paper bags are 100 percent recyclable – something which the plastics industry are unable to claim.
The question of sealing is a topic which has many pros and cons. Naturally, if a plastic bag is hermetically sealed then product leakage should not occur and the advantages are obvious.
The downside to this is that before a plastic bag can be closed, all of the internal air must first be evacuated otherwise the bag will resemble a balloon, be susceptible to bursting, be unstable and will result in a physically unattractive package. Evacuating air takes time and therefore a longer than standard product settling track is required on the packing machine. Paper bags have the feature of being porous to air so any air inside a paper bag will eventually be evacuated even after the bag is closed.

Versatility and simplicity are key
In today´s ultra-competitive business world, capital equipment investments are essential to stay ahead of the field. Market demands constantly rise and packaging trends driven by consumers who are increasingly more sophisticated in their buying habits are always changing, therefore the milling industry must address the challenges of packaging as one of the primary elements of their business.
‚Retail is detail’ and when it comes to retail food, the consumer is even more conscious of the need for quality in both the food product itself as well as the packaging. The need to make the right investment in a packing machine or system has never been more important and versatility and simplicity are key factors to be considered in selecting the right equipment.
A machine must be as versatile as possible in order to meet the ever-changing trends and requirements, but it should also be user-friendly and simple to operate. At Fawema, our belief is that we have created a range of flour packing machines that meet these criteria. The new Fawema equipment designed and built for the 21st century is versatile, reliable, simple to use and offers the very best solutions to high-capacity throughputs, weight precision, energy savings and food safety.

Innovation never stops
Innovation is never-ending and research into new technology and future improvements in flour packaging is always a top priority at Fawema. Please watch this space because even more exciting new things are coming soon!

February 2017 - Milling and Grain


News January 2017

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The New year is here and 2017 promises to be an exciting and busy year for everyone involved at FAWEMA. Record numbers of orders, thanks to the key advancements made on FAWEMAs leading product lines, mean that the company is in a great position to grow and look at developing new ideas that our customer base wants incorporated in the next generation of packaging lines.
2017 is the year of the Interpack show in Dusseldorf, Germany, the largest meeting on packaging industries calendar. FAWEMA will be Exhibiting in Hall 6, Stand 6C31, and will be bringing new concepts, ideas and showing you what you can expect from us in the future. We will be giving demonstrations throughout the days and will have our brightest engineering talent on hand to take you through the machine.
Being a global company, in which last year over 70 percent of our business was done outside of Europe, we will also be attending shows in every continent and hope very much that you may be able to join us. We will be attending:
Upakovka in Moscow, Russia from the 24th-27th January
TUSAF in Antalya, Turkey from 30th - March 2nd April
IAOM north America in New Orleans, USA from 10th- 14th April
Interpack in Dusseldorf, Germany from 4th-10th May
IAOM in Dubai, UAE from 22nd–25th October 
ALIM in Latin America
These are just some of the shows we will be attending in 2017, giving you the opportunity to catch up with long known FAWEMA personnel and meet those newer members of the team. We hope it will give you a the opportunity for us to inform you about the latest developments and help you to find a solution for your packaging needs in the future.


End of year review

December 2016
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Winter is here and the first snow has already fallen, but here in Engelskirchen work doesn’t stop and our busy little Elves are working hard to complete the last machines in 2016. It’s been a great year for FAWEMA with record numbers of machines rolling out the doors and this is set to continue well into 2017. At the beginning of the year new developments to already good machines were made, bringing both new opportunities to the market and continuing FAWEMAs strive for innovation and solutions. FAWEMA has entered new markets around the world for the first time in 2016 and has seen sales of its flagship, high capacity machine increase for another consecutive year. This along with an ever-increasing appreciation for FAWEMAs dry pet food packing lines have meant that the company is in a great position to push on with the successes made this year well into the future. With Pet food demands around the world on the increase, we hope for continued success to come from our specifically designed Pet food lines. Further R&D work in the middle of 2016 has meant that FAWEMA can now offer the packing of grouts and tile adhesives at retail sizes at competitive speeds. The machine also offers an air tight solution and a fully compacted and settled plastic bag.


The second half of the year was again very positive, with a well-balanced order book coming from a large range of industries. We again saw continued strong growth coming out of the African market and leading milling companies choosing FAWEMA for their packaging lines. We also delivered machines into the Chinese market and are continuing to expand the business in the Far East. In November FAWEMA launched its latest innovation the FA456 large Pet food packaging machine. This now gives the company the ability along with the FA438 to pack weights up to 25Kg.


In 2016 FAWEMA attended shows all around the world and had the opportunity to meet new faces in the industry and catch up with old friends. FAWEMA was honoured to actively support and participate at the following events during the course of 2016.


TUSAF, Turkey - IAOM-SEA, Thailand - IAOM-MEA, Ethiopia - GULF Food Manufacturing, Dubai - Pack Expo, Chicago, USA - IAOM, Columbus, USA - ALIM, Puerto Rico - FachPack, Germany - Upakova, Moscow, Russia


We will continue to have a global presence in 2017 and we hope that you can join us at a show near you. Please pay close attention to the website for new announcements and look out for where we will be exhibiting in the coming year. Alternately come and see us at Interpack in Düsseldorf on the 4th-10th of May, where we will be presenting new concepts for the future.  


From all the staff at FAWEMA, a very big thank you to all our valued clients and wishing you all a very happy and successful 2017!


It does not get any better!

The IHK (German Chamber of Commerce) honours the best apprentices
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With an A on their examination certificate, the best trainees from the region honoured by the IHK Nord Westfalen have laid an excellent foundation for their professional careers. The regional “honouring of the best” underlines the outstanding achievements of the young trainees as well as their training businesses ranging from manufacturing industry, to trade and service. We would therefore like to congratulate our mechatronics engineer Johannes Spicher (in the picture on the right, next to the General Manager Adrian Mitas), who has been distinguished for his excellent test results. FAWEMA offers a wide range of high-quality training opportunities for pupils, school-leavers and students in a future-oriented and interesting industry. An education in a modern workplace, with a good working environment and development possibilities are important matters for us.


Besser geht es nicht!

IHK ehrt die besten Azubis

Mit der eins vor dem Komma auf dem Prüfungszeugnis haben sich die von der IHK Nord Westfalen geehrten besten Auszubildenden aus der Region eine hervorragende Basis für ihre berufliche Karriere gelegt. Die regionalen Bestenehrungen unterstreichen die herausragenden Leistungen der jungen Nachwuchskräfte sowie ihrer Ausbildungsbetriebe aus Industrie, Handel und Dienstleistung. Besonders gratulieren möchten wir deshalb unserem Mechatroniker Johannes Spicher (im Bild rechts, neben Geschäftsführer Adrian Mitas) der für sein hervorragenes Prüfungsergebnis ausgezeichnet wurde. FAWEMA bietet für Schüler, Schulabgänger und Studenten ein breites Spektrum an qualitativ hochwertigen Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten in einer zukunftsorientierten und interessanten Branche. Eine Ausbildung an modernen Arbeitsplätzen, mit gutem Betriebsklima und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten sind uns dabei ein Anliegen.

FAWEMA GmbH , Engelskirchen


FAWEMA at Cologne Marathon

October 2016
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On the 2nd of October the 20th annual Cologne marathon was held and 2 teams from FAWEMA decided to participate in the team marathon event. Each member of the 4-man team ran a leg around the city, with the final runner finishing in front of the Cologne Cathedral. It was a fantastic morning for the 20,000 plus runners who set off from the eastern side of the river and the weather was good, providing perfect temperatures for long distance running. The support was outstanding by the friends, family and Cologne locals who came out in their droves to support the professional and fun runners, creating a carnival like atmosphere around the 42km course. Both teams completed the run in under 4 hours and made sure after, that they were well rehydrated with a few of the local Kölsch beer.
It was a fantastic day out and something, which every single member of the teams would like to do again next year. We would like to thank Thomas Gantenbrinker, Ben Heß, Guido Höndgesberg, Oliver Kampmann, Frank Balensiefer, Luke Thomas, Arash Mahmoudi, Tim Lüdenbach for the great efforts they put in and showing a great team ethic. Well done team FAWEMA!!


African milling group chooses
Fawema for flagship project
in South Africa

October 2016
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African milling group chooses Fawema for
flagship project in South Africa

The Bakhresa Group of Companies is already firmly established in several East African nations since the
company first moved into the milling industry from their base in Tanzania in the early 1980’s.
The group’s chairman and founding father Mr. Said Salim Awadh Bakhresa, from humble beginnings, has developed a highly successful business empire based largely on his own personal ethics of hard work and integrity coupled with exceptional vision and superb management skills. The group’s ambition for further expansion in Africa saw them recently establish Bakhresa South Africa (Pty) Ltd. And purchase a site in Durban, Kwazulu Natal on the Indian Ocean coast, an ideal logistical and geographical location.
The chosen site was actually an existing mill that had  been non-operational for several years – the Union Flour Mills was originally built in 1906 but required total redevelopment, expansion and of course - re-fitting with new, 21st century machinery and equipment.
The new mill would have a daily capacity of 750 metric tonnes. For the flour packing machinery, Bakhresa turned to Fawema, safe in the knowledge that Fawema had already supplied equipment for all their other mills in East  Africa over the years.

Fawema’s vast wealth of knowledge and experience.
As this was Bakhresa’s first venture into South Africa,  they were also able to tap into Fawema’s vast wealth of knowledge and experience of the market, which in terms of packaging, is very different than that of East Africa.
Mark Wild, Fawema sales manager for Africa explains, ‘in East Africa, the standard retail flour pack sizes are 1 kg and 2 kg. Those packs are then baled into 24 kg baler sacks for storage and distribution. In South Africa the standard pack sizes are 1 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 12.5 kg; with the 1, 2.5 and 5 kg bags being collated and shrink wrapped in plastic bundles for storage and distribution. Therefore, right from the start of the project, we had to calculate correctly what the throughput volume targets should be on each bag size and plan-in the most suitable packing machinery for the task, bearing in mind also that floor space had to be utilized in the best way possible’.
A commercial and technical proposal was tabled by  the Seller and accepted by Bakhresa and immediately
afterwards, Fawema’s design department in Germany set to work with the necessary floor plan layout for a total of four fully-automatic packing lines and commenced building the new flour packing lines. Once manufacturing work was completed, the FAT (factory acceptance test) was conducted at Fawema’s large workshop and HQ near Cologne in Germany. The mill manager, himself from South Africa, personally attended the pre-delivery inspection and testing and this offered the perfect opportunity to acquaint himself with the
machinery and to gain direct hands-on experience of every aspect of the equipment. It was also a chance for him to personally meet with key Fawema personnel involved on  the project and to engage in question and answer sessions around the various machines on the shop floor at Fawema to ensure that everything was totally clear, ticked and understood.
 When the equipment finally arrived at the mill in Durban, Fawema’s local service team based near Johannesburg took care of installing each of the four packing lines and ensuring that the flour feed system to each machine was  correctly fixed in place. Once the mill  was up and running and flour was readily available, a Fawema  commissioning engineer arrived from Germany to carry out  final start-up work on the machinery which went very smoothly thanks to the FAT  testing already carried out in Germany.

‘A remarkable achievement’
Sudhakar Akella is the mill manager at Bakhresa South Africa; he’s a man with plenty of milling experience, the last 15 years of which have been spent within the Bakhresa Group operating at various locations in Africa, but this new project has been the most exciting and satisfying challenge so far. Sudhakar explained, ‘Our new mill project in Durban has been a very exciting time. Bringing back to life one of South Africa’s historic mills has been a remarkable achievement.
Due to the history of the building, large parts of the structure are protected under the national heritage law and consequently a lot of very clever and innovative mill was re-designed to be a modern, 21st century fullyfunctional facility. This we have achieved and the result is magnificent.
We had no doubt or hesitation in contracting Fawema to supply the flour packing machinery as they have always supported us on all of our previous projects throughout Africa and I’m delighted to say that also this flagship project in Durban has been successfully concluded in a disciplined and thoroughly professional manner and our flour packing section is functioning exceptionally, just as we envisaged’. Fawema wishes to thank Mr. Sudhakar Akella and the Bakhresa Group for their contribution and permission to publish this article.


How you should pack your tea
for best results?

September 2016
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You may have noticed the simple packaging we use when packaging tea. These reusable, reseal able plastic and paper bags block all light. Used properly, they will protect against odours, oxidation, and moisture. Cheaper tin containers or decorative boxes, usually do not provide an airtight seal, because the seams are not welded together. Usually they will not protect teas for more than one month.
Tea must be stored correctly to maintain freshness. Tea, like spices, is best when fresh. Stale tea loses much of the magic. Tea is particularly susceptible to oxygen, smoke, light, and moisture. Smoke and steam all permeate and if tea is not in an airtight environment, it will absorb all those flavours and moisture. Tea is able to hold onto other flavours very well, which is why there are so many flavoured teas out there.
The benefits of packing tea in FAWEMA machines

FAWEMA packaging machines have been specifically tailored to the industry’s high demands in terms of quality and gentle product handling They offer superior performance and effective product densification.

The transport system is extremely gentle on the packaging and suited even for high gloss packaging materials. Depending on the requirements, the packaging material can be paper/aluminum laminate or plastic. The bags may be pre-made or from film-reel during the inline process.

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