Output packs pm: Up to 20
Weight Range: Up to 12.5 kg

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Known as the UP Range, FAWEMA manufactures versatile secondary packaging machines, ideally suited for the ­bundling and collating of all common retail bag types.

These independent units can be placed in combination with a wide range of common packaging machines.

The machines first group the free standing bags or alternate product in a requested arrangement and then they are pushed forward as a grouping, which can then be wrapped in shrink film or placed into a larger paper sack.

Bag examples


Our product range comprises machines and lines for ­­filling and packaging dry products for almost all areas of application. FAWEMA brings you the entire know how of packaging technology. We draw up overall design proposals – from product feed to palletizing. Moreover, FAWEMA are always open to new developments – new applications, new industries, new packaging technologies.

Max. size of multi-packs
5 kg to 12.5 kg
(Dependent on product density)

Max. Film Width
980 mm

Up to 20 packs per minute

Operating pressure
Single stroke 6 Bar

Machine Layout
UP 3 version, bags enter from a 90-degree angle, angular configuration. UP 4 version, bags enter from a straight line, linear configuration

Packaging Materials
Shrink film on varying thickness, Paper SOS Sacks.

Typical collating examples
Block bottom bags from FAWEMA packer

Can be synchronized with differing up and down­stream equipments

You want to pack something else?

There are too many products to be listed here that can benefit from FAWEMA's wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of the proper dosing, packaging, and bag closing equipment.
We undertake to supply the best possible packaging machine for all free-flowing, dry products, whether powder, granulate or pieces. Backed up by our up-to-date know-how and many years of experience we are well equipped to meet your requirements for all unit weights ­between 0.1 and 30 kg with variable packaging feed and all ­customary types of closure.