“Work never stops at Fawema” even in August

August is a month when most people down-tools, relax and head for the beach ... but not at Fawema. Our expansion program is now almost complete and the builders are currently putting the finishing touches to the new car park and access road.

Due to a massive influx of orders for Fawema equipment during the last few years, the expansion to our office space, storage space and assembly area was an absolute necessity and we are pleased to say that the “new Fawema” looks better now than it has ever done before in its 99 years of history.
Inside Fawema, as well as outside, things are just as busy: new sugar packing machinery is being tested prior to delivery to clients in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Poland and Argentina and new flour packing equipment for clients in the USA, Great Britain, Kenya, France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Algeria, Bulgaria and South Africa is under construction.

So no time for the beach this August as we go full steam ahead this summer to deliver the machines on order.

Why not come and see us some time ? We would be delighted to show you around and discuss any projects which you might have.

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