The Packaging Group

For those of you that follow all things packaging closely, you may have seen in some media outlets that FAWEMA GmbH and HDG pouch packaging were purchased by a Holding group. Not long after 'The Packaging Group' or 'TPG' for short was formed. TPGs first goal was to better Synergize the two companies, which for many years had worked positively together but in areas full integration could bring about even greater benefits to the group.

Through organic growth and acquisitions, TPG will be developed into a globally active platform in the packaging machinery market. The owners of the newly founded holding company combine operational expertise, a broad, strategic industrial network and the necessary financial strength.

The beginning of 2019 sees TPG take its first steps into developing the globally active platform, starting close to home but in the strategically important market of the United Kingdom. TPG UK Ltd. has been established and the first new recruits have been brought on board to cater to an ever-changing market.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the new undertaking at The Packaging Group..

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