A New Generation Packaging Machine

FAWEMA, a company of bright ideas and tireless innovation, has been listening to the market and indeed the Milling community, about what is wanted from a packer of the future. FAWEMA already had a great base to work with, with its FA217 model, offering a robust high-speed machine, with its Ultra-hygienic design and quick changeover times. The conversation however, is moving on and FAWEMA is again leading the way with its latest incarnation of the FA217 small retail packer (1lb to 10lbs).

In the Western World Traditional Wheat and Whole Wheat flours have been packed into pre-made or Roll stock paper bags. For Milling companies, it was always about Volumes and how they could increase these whilst still making a profit. Now Companies are looking to utilise every part of the process and are hoping to offer a large variety of premium products. The public are expecting more and more of the Milling industry, looking now at Organic flours, specialty flours and cake mixes to add into their diets and shopping karts every week. With new products comes the public’s desire to see new packaging and this is also true of the marketing teams at the companies, so they can show off their premium products on the supermarket shelves. Many people in the Industry now see this as a great chance to delve into Value Added Products but not at the expense of new machinery to do so. So, what is needed from a packer going forward? A machine that can be flexible and forgiving, to the ever-changing requests asked of it in the future.

FAWEMA has looked at this problem and now brings forward solutions. Whilst, retaining the FA217 design, a work horse of a machine, which is capable of running 3 shifts daily, we are now able to retrofit Value Added Modules. These are Modules that can be retro fitted to any existing FA217, in turn 'Future Proofing' the machine for the customer, against packaging changes that can or cannot be foreseen. A heat sealing unit can now be retrofitted for the sealing of pre-made paper bags with reactivated glue, allowing for a dust-tight seal to be achieved. A plastic bag magazine can also be fitted, to allow the running of premade plastic bags, giving packers the ability to pack Value Added Products as well as traditional flour. Plastic bags have been seen as the bag of choice when it comes to packing Value Added Products, with resealable closures and a large variety of digital prints available that paper bags cannot offer at this time.

FAWEMA also retains the ability to integrate a Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine into the FA217, allowing the customer to use plastic film as a preferred packing material. Format changes, for example from 5lb to 10lbs, are now down to 45 minutes, thanks to the utilization of servo motors throughout the machine. There are 12 change parts in the settling station that need changing and these have been upgraded to easy open bolts. Furthermore, enough room has been given to allow the operator to get in, clean and change the parts without hassle. The FAWEMAs FA217 design of chambers for settling mean the machine is very forgiving on bags, and promotional weights requested from the supermarket can be easily provided for.

The world is demanding and FAWEMA is providing. Milling companies are already looking at Value Added Products as a way of diversifying their businesses within a familiar market and need to be looking at how these Products can be successfully marketed and sold, whilst keeping costs in mind. The FAWEMA FA217 is the only machine to provide both the traditional packing process and the ability to pack a wide range of Value Added Products, ensuring our customers are ready for anything the future might hold.

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